BACTIM® Nitro+ is an effective technology for enriching Urea Amonium Nitrate Solution (UAN) with a beneficial microbial component, which combines the capabilities of natural soil microbes with the benefits of UAN application.

The power of BACTIM® Nitro+ technology:

Properties of microbes

Microbes obtained from various agricultural soils with tested and quantified properties such as:

  • solubilizing P
  • solubilizing Zn
  • solubilizing Si
  • fixing N
  • cellulolytic properties
  • lignolytic properties
  • high synthesis of biologically active compounds e.g. enzymes, plant hormones, siderophores

Compatibility and durability

Proven high compatibility of microbial component with various types of UAN and high durability in various types of UAN

Unique production technology

  • Unique microbial component production technology that increases the bacteria resistance to adverse environmental conditions such as UAN
  • Nearly unlimited possibilities when creating custom bacterial consortia for the adaptation to clients’ needs
  • Long shelf life of the microbial component

Benefits of BACTIM® Nitro+ technology:

acquire new markets and new customers with proven microbe enriched solutions

stand out from the competition in terms of UAN

create a new assortment group in your range
of solutions

enrich your standard solutions with new added value

follow the assumptions of „Green Deal”


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