INTERMAG production facilities are located in southern Poland. We have modern plants dedicated to producing fertilizers, biostimulants and microbial products. Comprehensive equipment and the universal character of individual production lines ensure high efficiency with the simultaneous possibility of parallel production of various products and a quick change of assortment. All equipment conforms to the highest standards for occupational safety and environmental protection.

  • Our production facilities are equipped with:

    Reaction vessels, mixers, specialized control and measuring equipment and instruments, installations for filling and packaging products.

  • Our production facilities are equipped with:

    Spray-dryers, including a fluid bed dryer for production of ultra-granules.

  • Our production facilities are equipped with:

    Highly automated fermentors with high capacity range, centrifuges, drying equipment (spray drying, lyophilisation line), milling and filling equipment.

Since 2014 year INTERMAG has been developing innovative range of microbial products dedicated to agriculture, based on selected plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR). Recently we opened a new, modern biotechnology facility intended for the production of microbial-based products. Our modern production workshops are equipped with, e.g. installation for multiplying microbes, set of devices for the production of bioproducts (in dry and liquid form), indispensable technical infrastructure and laboratory for the quality control of manufactured bioproducts.

An important element of the newly opened facility is the installation for product formulation. It allows for the production of various range of innovative products with a very high concentration of microorganisms applied on neutral substrates, as well as products containing microorganisms in combination with fertilizers.

Quality control process of final products takes place in the fully equipped and functional microbiology laboratory where, under the sterile conditions, are carried out quantitative and qualitative analyses of multiplied microbes.